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                                            Proudly presented by the kings of trail running. From humble beginnings Altra continue to grow                                                     into one of the leading outdoor and running companies on the planet. Their runner focussed                                                        approach coupled with the deep devotion to authentic trail experiences continues to propel them as the dominant force with mountain lovers. The Altra trail range is perfect for the highly technical and aggressive terrain that Mont Rochelle throws at runners. Varying levels of cushioning, coupled with super grippy rubber compounds to keep you sure footed on all rocky surfaces. And of coarse, there is the signature Foot-Shape Toe Box to keep your feet strong on long days out. 

                        Hydration partner Ultimate Direction have been the world leaders in hydration related products, ever since they                           invented the first ever hand held product way back in the 80's. Their range of hydration running packs and                                   belts are consistently favoured athletes running anything from 5km to 100miles. Depending on your                                             preferences, the Ultra Vest (mens) or the Ultra Vesta (ladies) have the perfect carrying capacity for Roi/Reine                               Du Mont Rochelle. Alternatively, if you prefer something more minimal, the Ultra Belt will be ideal for you. 

                              The official retail  and apparel partner. That's right, the world finest running store is providing each                                               applicant with one of their Technical Trail T's. They will also be available with a pop-up-store on race day to                               assist with last minute requirements or to guide you through any running or shoe related queries you might have. "I'm a big fan of Mont Rochelle, not only does it offer unmatched beauty, but the terrain is some of the hardest you will find. We were thrilled with the opportunity to partner with the event and promote our soon-to-be-launched Running apparel by creating a custom T for the participants" - Grant Bryant. 




                                                      Consistently ranked as the most used sock in some of the hardest Ultra races on the planet (                                            Western States, Hard Rock 100) Injinji performance Toe Socks are the preferred partner for tackling races of extreme technicality. They are renown for drastically reducing and eliminating hotspots and blisters, and especially in the Franschhoek heat expected in March, Injinji is the ideal product to keep your feet protected, ventilated, and healthy. We would recommend their Trail specific socks